IGN Reveals Darkborn 15 Minute Gameplay – A Classic Tale Of Monster Revenge

Merciless Blood Thirsty Monster Hunting The Vikings

IGN today revealed the first 15 minutes of Darkbone, formerly known as Project Wight, the game features a monster tale who’s being hunted by Humans. The video below reveals a lot about the game mechanism, the dark world of monster, Vikings, mountains and the first person mode.

The game will be soon available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Player control a innocent creature that turns into a monster after getting hunted by Vikings like looking men who call themselves as The Pale Enemy. Captured monsters are tortured and used for performing rituals that lead to their death. One of them escapes and wants revenge for their killing of his kind.

Above is a 15 minute footage of Darkborn and it looks a promising title. As a young monster at the beginning staying out of sight is logical survival choice, and the monster also grows after consuming the flesh of dead. With increasing abilities and strength it can take down a group of soldiers in the vicinity, it does not look where it is going to end, but the action looks pretty dark and remarkable.

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