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COD MW2: How To Defuse The Bomb In Dark Water

Want to know what is Row Two Column One in MW2? Learn how to defuse the bomb in the Dark Water mission in COD MW2.

The latest title of the Call of Duty franchise is out on 28th October. The campaign mode missions are engaging as always. The gameplay in this new iteration has improved a lot. Along with intense gunplay action, you will have to be stealthy, quick, and precise. One of the missions in the campaign mode called ‘Dark Water’ will test decision-making abilities under a high-pressure situation. During this mission, many players are having the same question. What is ‘Row Two Column One’ in MW2? The mission is time sensitive but with proper guidance, you will clear it easily. In this article, we will tell you how to defuse the bomb in the Dark Water mission in COD MW2.


How to Defuse the Bomb in Dark Water Mission in COD MW2

COD MW2 defuse bomb in Dark Water

After you fight your way through the hordes of enemies on the Cargo Ship, you will reach the ship’s main control room. Eliminate the enemies inside and there will be a short dialogue after which you will have to get on the controls.

To defuse the bomb:

  • Interact with the control device
  • You will be asked to set the bomb in diagnostic mode. Press CLR and Mode (F and C on PC; X and B on Xbox; Square and Circle on PS) to do so
  • The next part seems a bit confusing and intimidating since you are on a strict timer
  • Graves will ask you to put in the last digit on row TWO, column One.
  • It’s the ‘Letter C’
  • Press the corresponding key to ‘Letter C’
  • Then you will be prompted to Press EXE to confirm
  • The corresponding buttons are X on Playstation; A on Xbox; Spacebar on PC

The mission is not to defuse the bomb in Dark Water but to redirect it to the Oil Rig in COD MW2. You will complete the mission here by destroying the oil rig right in front of you. If you select the wrong option when Graves asks you, then you don’t have to panic. He will simply tell you that it’s the wrong answer. Should you run out of time, then the mission will reset back to when you get on the control.
We hope this article helped you to defuse the bomb in the Dark Water mission in COD MW2. We have more helpful guides in our Modern Warfare 2 section so do check them out.