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Lost Ark Dark Legoros Mechanics Guide

Read this guide to learn all about the Dark Legoros Guardian Raid mechanics.

The Dark Legoros is one of the many Guardian bosses you will come across during Raids in Lost Ark, and this boss possesses an attack mechanic that is important to understand. Without knowing about the workings of this Guardian’s mechanics, it can be rather tricky to defeat successfully. In this guide, however, we will put this issue to rest. Here, we will show you all you need to know about the Dark Legoros’ mechanics.

Lost Ark Dark Legoros Mechanics Guardian Raid Guide



In order to defeat the Dark Legoros Guardian in Lost Ark, we recommend you use at least a team of 4 players. Doing so will give you a better shot at bringing this intimidating enemy down.

Darkness Mechanic & AOE – Dark Legoros Guardian


The Dark Legoros Guardian uses the Darkness mechanic. While you and your teammates will need to do your best to avoid this potentially-lethal mechanic, you need to make sure you also stay away from his attacks.

During the course of the Darkness mechanic, you will notice Dark Legoros shooting a dark projectile towards you. If this projectile makes its way in your direction and hits you, you will notice the screen suddenly darkening. This is an indication of the mechanic taking effect.

His second ability is a large AOE. If both these attacks hit you, you will lose sight for a brief period of time.


As time progresses, these abilities and their spells will only get bigger. Along with this, you will notice an increase in the movement speed of the Guardian himself.

Thankfully, since these mechanics are not fatal in nature, you do not have much to worry about.

So there you have it. This was our guide on the Dark Legoros Guardian mechanics. As you can see since the mechanics are not too dangerous, you should not have a difficult time getting past them.


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