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How to Complete Dark Hours Raids and Boss Fight

Defeat every bossin Dark Hours and their Loot

The Dark Hours Raids in the Divison 2 has brought in a ton of new challenges for the best players even they are having trouble navigating through it. The raids are challenging and every boss you face seems to be bigger and badder than the one before. This guide will help you to defeat all the raid bosses Max “Boomer” Bailey, Ben Dizzy Carter, Carl Ricochet Dawson, Oliver Weasel Gordon, Buddy & Lucy.

Always remember in the Division 2 the bigger and badder the end boss is the more loot you stand to gain and these raids end up giving you gear worth score of 500 and above so it makes sense to grind and get some valuable gear to go with your character.

How to Complete Dark Hours Raids

Assault The Airport

As the raid begins, you will see tunnels that will take you to the airport, when you clear these tunnels watch out for dogs at the tarmac and make sure you communicate well with your teammates. You will need to push enemies to retreat and once you do that a helicopter will swing by bringing reinforcements along with it. Once you clear the area, the doors to the terminal will open up.

Destroy Signal Source

Keep an eye out for signal sources when you are inside the terminal. You can locate them by looking for blue boxes which will be scattered around the room. These boxes provide immunity to the enemies and you can use the turrets on them to disable.

How to defeat Max “Boomer” Bailey boss

The bosses are the toughest parts of the raid, and the worst part about this boss is the fact that he is immune to damage at first. To get around this, one of you will have to be a bait and provoke him around the room while you take cover behind furniture and anything else that helps.

Any player that gets a red eye icon in the middle of the screen, the boss will start attacking them first, they will have to be the bait. Other players can in the meanwhile use skills and abilities to focus on him.

If you see a red box on the back of the boss glowing you will need to shoot at it to stun him, this will give you the time needed to focus all your attacks on him.

If the person baiting him notices a plate on his chest glowing you will need to immediately shoot it down as it helps him heal and get back to full strength.

Make sure that the boss and his minions are away from the turrets as they will destroy them easily.

Signal sources too are to be destroyed as and when they show up as they will keep healing the enemies.

Another way of disabling the signal source is by taking a team of 4 at the center of the room and using the laptops. It will take half the team which will leave the rest vulnerable.

Investigate The Plane

To get to the second boss you will have to gain access to the plane, you will need to divide your team pairs of two. Go to both sides of the place and you will see a set of screens. One will have all green and the other will be gray.

The team with the green screen will need to call out the order and both teams will need to interact at the same time.

Doing so will start the boss fight.

How To Beat Ben “Dizzy” Carter & Carl “Ricochet” Dawson

Defeating them is pretty straightforward, you will need to take cover when there is purple smoke in the room as this is the time the bosses take less damage and go guns blazing when you see purple smoke.

Be careful as these bosses have a lot of grenades with them, and keep moving from cover to cover.

How To Defeat Lucy & Buddy

You only have about 6 minutes before you can finish them both, so time is of the essence here. Added to this is the fact that you have to finish both of them at the same time as a major difference in their health will give the more damaged dogbot a health boost.

Communication will be key and you need to keep firing at them while someone from your team is the bait. Make sure you keep an eye out for the seeker mines they deploy frequently as they will distract you and blind you.

Keep the robots away from the center of the room and keep them away, their firepower is immense and if both are together they can easily overwhelm.

How To Destroy DDP-52 Razorback

This one takes a lot of strategies and planning, so make sure that all of you are ready and on the same page, you will see four numbered control points with generators. Power them up to 100% and they will activate the truck in the middle which will release a bunch of drones in the air. You will need to shoo these drones down and then go back to the missile launchers as elite enemies will try to activate them, you will have to take down these enemies before they can do so.

Power up the generators as soon as possible and stay right beside it. The truck will open up, shoot the weak spots at the front and back of the trucks. Once you destroy them, throw a couple of grenades into the hole that appears and you will see a panel rise up.

Target the two weak spots on the panel, but also keep an eye out for drones and enemies. Shoot down the two panels and you will see a third one appear. Shoot that one down too.

This is a repetitive process, so that means you will have to do it, make sure that you are ready before you begin this again and continue doing the same thing. It will take about 4 times to finish the boss off for good. After this, you will have to rush to the missile launchers and destroy the panel at the backside in corresponding order. (1,2,3,4)

How To Earn Additional Commendations

You can earn an extra bit of commendations for taking down every boss in a particular method.

  • The Rapid Response Merit: To earn this you will have to kill Boomer with no player using the same mounted weapon twice.
  • The Target Prioritization Merit: To earn this you will have to kill Weasel while keeping one of his sidekicks alive.
  • The Evasive Maneuvers Merit: To earn this you will have to kill the robot dogs and make sure that no one on your team gets hit by a seeker mine.
  • The Blitzkrieg Merit: To earn this you will have to kill Razorback within four openings.

This is all there is to know about how to finish the Dark Hours Raids and how to defeat every boss in there. Make sure you check out other Division 2 Dark Hours Raids guides to unlock all the loot, save raid progress and leave raid whenever you need.