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Cyberpunk 2077 Will Not Have Microtransactions Confirms CD Projekt RED

Just when you thought you couldn’t love CD Projekt RED, the developers of Cyberpunk 2077, even more, they have announced that there will be no microtransactions in the game. In recent years, plenty of games have suffered due to a heavy focus on microtransactions which feel like easy money-making mode for the developers.

CD Projekt RED has always been stern with their products, they always deliver the finest quality game with no corporate greed, in a world which has been chasing profits and punishing players behind a paywall. CD Projekt RED’s decisions come as a relief.


Speaking to Gamespot, John Mamais who is the head of CD Projekt Red’s Krakow Office said, “I think it’s a bad idea to do microtransactions after you release a game. It seems like it’s very profitable, though. It’s probably a hard decision for the guy that runs the business to decide if we should do it or not. But if everyone hates it, why would we do something like that and lose the goodwill of our customers?”

Microtransactions have always been controversial and the inclusion of them distracts the game while the major subject revolves around the inclusion and implementation of this service.

By eliminating this factor altogether, CD Projekt RED wants people to actually focus on the game and serves as a model for other developers to follow.


Cyberpunk 2077 is developed by CD Projekt RED and is releasing on 16th April 2020 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.