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Cyberpunk 2077’s Night Wire Event Sheds Light On New Mechanics

Cyberpunk 2077’s Night Wire event just showcased some unseen footage and elements about the game which has thrown everyone off guard. CD Projekt RED revealed a new trailer and showed about Braindance which lets you get into the minds of anyone and relive significant moments of their lives.

The trailer heavily focused on Night City and the environment that you will get your experience within the game, it looks like the game is a reflection of human society and you get to see both sides of the coin.

This contrast will certainly bring a new dynamic and make the game more immersive, with each different section breathing new life into the game.

cyberpunk 2077 2

We also get to see new scenes that show a different perspective to the game, your background somewhat determines how your experience in the game will be.

You get a new perspective not only about Night City but neighboring areas as well. You can also get to see a few images that have been released about Cyberpunk 2077.

One thing that will honest excite players is the fact that not only do you get to drive fast cars and bikes, but there is also the option of using flying cars giving a different perspective of the game.

Make sure to check out our coverage about Cyberpunk 2077, after a few delays the game will be launching on 19th November 2020, and Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 owners not only get free upgrades when they move from the current-gen to the next-gen.

There will also be an optimized version of the game for the next-gen consoles.