Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Headsets by SteelSeries Released

By Dinesh
2 Min Read

In addition to Microsoft, which will release an Xbox One X in Cyberpunk 2077 design, SteelSeries will also release many headsets inspired by the game.

SteelSeries announced a new collection of headsets made in the style of the Cyberpunk 2077 game. The Arctis 1 Wireless Johnny Silverhand Edition for Xbox and Arctis 1 Wireless Netrunner Edition have been launched. In addition to it, three sets of Arctis Pro headset accessories have been announced for three major corporations in Night City – Arasaka, Militech and Kang Tao.

Note that the design of the special version of the Arctis 1 Wireless headset for the Xbox is inspired by one of Night City’s most famous heroes and rock musicians, Johnny Silverhand, and his cybernetic arm. The headset can be connected via USB Type-C or wirelessly via a USB transceiver operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency range. The Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox has the same modern speakers as the popular Arctis 9X. The headset is compatible with Microsoft Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android devices. This model can be purchased at an estimated price of USD $110.

Like Arctis 1 Wireless, Netrunner Edition also supports 2.4 GHz. The design of this headset is based on one of the mechanics of the Cyberpunk 2077 game, which allows you to see the network as part of the real world. The headset is compatible with PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android devices. You can also connect the headset to a Microsoft Xbox controller or other compatible device using the cable included with a 3.5 mm connector. The price is also the same for this headset, which is USD $110.

As for the accessory kits, they are based on the logos of the same three major factions in Night City. Each set includes a removable headband and two magnetic earmuffs. New items are compatible with Arctis Pro, Arctis Pro + GameDAC and Arctis Pro Wireless headsets. The price of each set is $35.