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Cyberpunk 2077 Gets A Fan Made Map Which Could Hint Towards The Endgame Plot

Plotting a map is hard enough and what is harder than that is plotting a map for a fictional city of a game which hasn’t been released yet and u/LordParsifal from Reddit has managed to do just that with his version of Night City’s map from the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077.

In a post to the Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit r/cyberpunkgame, redditor u/LordParsifal laid out a very hand-drawn map but with his interpretations of how the game map will be laid out. According to him, it should take around 10-25 minutes to go from the top of the map to the bottom depending on how you’re traveling.


cyberpunk 2077 fan made map

It was also revealed earlier that Cyberpunk 2077’s map will be smaller than that of The Witcher 3 but will surely be densely populated, and looking from the trailers it looks like the future will be comprised of high rising towers close together in a cluster which will ultimately be the entire landscape with a lot of violence.

Other than what had been shown in the trailers, you can check out the entirely of Watson, Westbrook, Santo Domingo, and Pacifica laid out around the city center. With only Pacifica shown in the recent gameplay demo a lot more is left to uncover.


All these places will have their own different aesthetic and feel to it, one key point to keep a note of is the fact that there is a huge dam right in the middle of the story.

If you have been paying attention to all that has been revealed until now of Cyberpunk 2077, you will be well aware of Johnny Silverhand’s intentions of “Burning a city”. This dam could very well come in use of helping stop that uncontrollable fire if Johnny’s plan comes to succession.

Though this is an amazing attempt, you still need to take this news with a pinch of salt as nothing about this has been confirmed by the developers and things could very much change before the release of the game.


Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the most awaited games in recent history and has been in development for more than half a decade. Developed by CD Projekt RED, Cyberpunk 2077 will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Reddit