Complete Cut A Deal With Village Chief Mission – Strange Story Konda Walkthrough

Right Clues Order to convince the Village Chief

During Strange Story in Konda’s mission, you will have to talk to a Village Chief and present three pieces of evidence. In this guide, I am going to help you with how to start the mission and how to complete cut a deal with the Village Chief objective. This just requires you to present the clues in the right sequence.

How to Start A Strange Story in Konda Mission?

Strange Story Konda Quest Location

Follow the above map location to reach the point where you will find a woman with a mask. She is standing in front of a fox-shaped statue. You can identify her wearing a white and red combo kimono. Talking to her will start the A Strange Story in Konda quest. The first quest is extremely simple. Just hit the Sky Kitsune Statue with the power of Electro. Switch to Fischl and shoot the statue head. This will unlock the second challenge of the quest – obtain the ward. Just walk near the statue and grab the yellow glowing object.

Next is to go to Konda Village and talk to the locals to gather information. Look for a boy standing on the roof of a house. Just follow the river and you will spot him easily. After talking to the arrogant kid you will unlock the Find 3 Clues objective.

  1. Clue 1 – Look near the sealed well on the Left of the house where you found the kid. Look near the tree with a huge trunk. Investigate the bucket and collect the coin pouch.
  2. Clue 2 – From the Bridge follow the river north and stand to stop near a rock with a red sign hovering over it. There is are some wooden logs and ropes. Look for the coin pouch.
  3. Clue 3 – Follow the waterfall, take the path on the right of the well which leads between the houses. You will find a crashed cart with some enemies long before the waterfall.

Cut a deal with the Village Chief – Walkthrough

After collecting all three clues return to the Village Chief. Give her the clues in the following sequence.

  1. Purse by the Dried-Up Well
  2. Cargo Bag Fished Out From Water
  3. Ragged List of Goods

There will be some dialogues between each transition. The next part is to search for Chief’s dairy. Climb over the chief’s house and interact with the bird’s nest. Grab Konda Densuke’s Notes. Follow the yellow circle on the mini-map, cross the river and clear all the enemies. Look below the wooden logs placed on over rocks. Dig the place to get an Old Key.

Genshin Impact Bottom Well Puzzle

Follow the map again to locate a well, use the old key to unlock it. Explore the well for a treasure chest and a puzzle. Just follow the purple light and you will reach a puzzle, as shown in the image above. There are five access points, adjusting their shapes will solve this puzzle. Doing this will trigger a boss fight. A phantom warrior will spawn, defeating the boss completes the Strange Story in Konda Quest.

Explore the bottom of Well puzzle solutions:

Genshin Impact Bottom Well Puzzle

Cleanse the first notch with a Ward, this reveals the puzzle. The solution is simple, each notch has a number starting from the first you started. You have to interact with each notch and leave it with a number of shapes. For example, the first notch will have a single shape, the second will have two shapes, the third one will have three shapes, and so on. Overall interact with all five notches clockwise and set the shapes from one to five.

That’s it this completes the Genshin Impact Well Puzzle and also completes Strange Story in Konda mission. Do not forget to check our Genshin Impact Wiki guide for more such tips and tricks.