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Halo Infinite Customization Guide

Here's everything you need to know about Halo Infinite customization options.

If you have been playing and enjoying the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta so far then let me teach you how you can customize your armor sets and make your Spartan the way you want him/her to look like. This is going to be your one-stop guide for all your Halo Infinite customization needs.

Halo Infinite Customization Guide


halo infinite customization options

Halo Infinite offers more choice and freedom when it comes to character customization compared to the previous games. The usual suspects are all here, your emblems, nameplate and character cards etc. are all here and all of them are bigger and better than ever. But, this time around, that’s not where it all stops as there’s much, much more. Since we are only in Season 1, the options are somewhat limited but the foundation is solid. We can already see how robust the customization options are already and there’s no doubt, as the game’s life cycle will progress, it’ll keep getting better and better.

These listed elements can be individually customized in Halo Infinite:


  • Armor Kit
  • Armor Coating
  • Helmet
  • Visor
  • Chest
  • Right Shoulder
  • Left Shoulder
  • Gloves
  • Hip
  • Knee Pads

Right off the bat, you have three armor cores you can pick and choose from –

  • Mark VI – Default armor set
  • Mark V[B] – Unlocked through the Battle Pass.
  • Yorou – Unlocked during the “Fractures Tenrai” Event.


Granted, you don’t have access to all of them immediately and will only be able to grab them once the season starts progressing, this gives you an idea of what the future holds. This has been the base armor, now let’s move further into the customization options.

Halo Infinite comes with something called ‘armor cores’, which you can unlock and which, in turn, will give you access to other armor pieces. From your visor to your head and knee and shoulder pads. This system brings some much-needed complexity and flexibility towards how you want your Spartan to look. Right now the cores are somewhat restrictive towards ceratin armor sets but 343 has said that this may change in the future. Not only do you have armor cores, but you also have weapon and vehicle cores which, as the name suggests, will help you with your weapon and vehicle customization needs.

You can also add prosthetic limbs to your Spartans which makes them look all the more badass. Then you have armor coatings which is the armor coloring system. Armor coating lets you color your Spartan armor in the colors you like. There are presets available with multiple color options that you can pick and choose from which will give your Spartan the personal touch you seek.


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Individual armor pieces can be unlocked through the Halo Infinite battle pass which needs to be bought. There’s a free tier for the battle pass which doesn’t offer much but the paid premium tier nets you a whole bunch of armor options that you can unlock by hitting certain ranks. Every Spartan also comes with their own personal AI that is also somewhat customizable from their voice to their color. This adds a small layer of personality and character to your Spartan.

Finally, you can also buy armor sets that are available on the storefront for some cash.

Just a quick recap, Halo Infinite offers a lot of customization and personality for your Spartan and you have a lot more options and flexibility in Halo Infinite than you have in previous Halo games.

There you have it, a quick and simple tour/ guide for all the customization options available in Halo Infinite right now. There’s no doubt the list and options will grow and grow as the game moves forward and you can bet we’ll be there to cover it all! For all your Halo Infinite needs check out more on GamerTweak.