How To Customize Cars In Team Sonic Racing

By Raaj
3 Min Read

Customization is Team Sonic Racing allows you to do two things with your car first you can apply mods to make your vehicle stronger and use skins to make it look different. There are some cool mods you can use to get an additional benefit. Mods and skins can be unlocked from the store by paying through Credit. We have a guide that will give you information all types of Mods and their cost with a list of Bonus Boxes you can buy in Team Sonic Racing.

How To Customize Vehicle

You can modify your car by visiting the Garage, there are two main sections of customization in Team Sonic Racing. First is customizing the car with mods to increase performance and second is customizing the skin to give your car a distinct look. Each of this section will change or upgrade a part or attribute of your vehicle. They are listed below.

Performance Parts:

Pick a character first and then from the Garage you can choose Front, Rear and Wheel Mods. This will modify the vehicle attribute the better one you use the better your car is in the race. There are many performance mods, you can read our guide – Unlock New Vehicle Mods for info. Performance mods modify the following five attributes of your ride.

  • Acceleration: Chang the rate of increasing speed.
  • Boost: Modify the boost strength and duration.
  • Defense: Upgrade vehicle sturdiness upon collision and attack.
  • Handing: Upgrade the ability to navigate in tight corners.
  • Top Speed: Upgrade Speed.

Car Cosmetics:

The second section works more on the car look where you can modify the appearance. Pick the character to modify and you can change the following three things.

  • Paint Kits: Change the color, texture or vehicle part and also change Glow Parts.
  • Vinyl’s: Add a vinyl decal to the racer, pick color and texture for the available Paint Kit palette.
  • Horns: Change the horn and add something different.

Mods and skins can be unlocked from the store, each of them cost a minimum of 10 credits. And they are revealed randomly.