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Halo Infinite – How To Add Custom Intro On PC?

Read this guide to learn how to add a custom intro of your choice on Halo Infinite PC.

As with most games, Halo Infinite too features an intro, however, few know about the fact that you can actually add a custom intro. The intro is a cutscene that is essential to the storyline of the game. Despite this, a lot of players actually try avoiding these scenes altogether, by wanting to dive head-first into the nitty-gritty of the game. Apart from these players, there are also those who want to go the extra mile and actually customize their intro scenes. While players have been scrambling for quite some time to try and understand how to do so, we have got just the solution. So, if you are one of those looking to add a custom intro to Halo Infinite PC, we have got just the guide for you.

How To Add Custom Intro In Halo Infinite PC?


In order to add your very own custom intro in Halo Infinite PC, you first need to locate the game’s files. To do so, you need to open the Steam client on your PC. Once you do so, head over to the Library and look for Halo Infinite. Upon finding the game, you need to hover your mouse over the game name and then right-click. Doing so will bring up a few options. From these, you need to click on Locate Game Files. Alternatively, you can also look for these files manually by heading into the folders in your PC.

Once you successfully locate the Halo Infinite game files, you need to look for the Video folder. Once you find the said folder, you need to open it and look for the “Intro.mp4” file. Upon locating this folder, you need to delete it. Now, look for the mp4 file you wish to make your custom intro cutscene for Halo Infinite. Once you do so, simply replace the “Intro.mp4” file you had earlier deleted. This new mp4 file will now be the custom intro cutscene.

Once you complete these steps, you need to reboot Halo Infinite. After doing so, look for the new intro you just added. If all the steps were followed correctly, you will be able to view the same.

So there you have it. With these simple steps, you too will be able to add your very own custom intro scene in Halo Infinite on PC. As you can see, doing so is actually really easy. Within a few minutes, you will find yourself enjoying the game with your very own cutscene.

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