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How to Make a Custom Character In Crusader Kings 3?

Giving your character a unique look is always a good feeling in gaming. If you are playing CK3 then here is how you create a custom character.

Crusader Kings 3 features various kings and kingdoms. You start as a person on your way to conquer and rule the world. Building your legacy with default character can be boring, but the game offers you an entire section to create a custom character. This guide will help you with this. Through the customization menu, you can give your game avatar a different look, make it look like a brave king or a ruthless warrior. It is your choice.

How to Make a Custom Character In Crusader Kings 3?

Barbershop is a character creation kit in Crusader Kings 3. It cannot be considered a full-fledged character creation kit but good enough to make your gaming avatar look different. This is where you can begin by giving your character a slightly different look than the default one. You can adjust certain character appearance through the Barbershop section of Crusader Kings 3.

How to unlock Barbershop?

Right-click on the 3D icon of your character in Crusader Kings 3 and look for some icons on the upper right corner. Click on the middle icon to access the Barbershop in Crusader Kings 3. This is the place where you can change the looks. You can modify the following options.

  • Head-wear
  • Hairstyle & Hair Color
  • Beard
  • Cloak

You can also dress up your character. New clothes are available as you explore and unlock new regions of the world. You can mix-match clothes from different regions and create your unique fashion style. You cannot design or rename the dynasty. From the Barbershop, you can change the clothes, hair, and beard style. You can also rename your house and titles in Crusader Kings 3.

Crusader Kings 3 also has an advanced level of customization which unlocks in the CK3 Debug Mode. You will have to enable the console command to access Portrait Editor. This section lets you make changes in games 3D portraits and DNS systems. Best is to play through the default customization section, the barbershop that lets you do most of the character customization.

Otherwise, in terms of the advance mode, you can enable the debug mode and unlock the Portrait editor & Rule designer. There are tons of clothes you can try out, also give the ruler a unique hairstyle and beard.

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