How To Get Cursed Orb In AUT (A Universal Time)

Heard of Cursed Orb from other players and are trying to get your hands on one? Read on as I explain all about it in this guide.

Cursed Orb is an Item in A Universal Time, and not just any item it is the rarest obtainable item in the game. It can be used for trading and has two other uses which we will get to shortly. This orb is black in color and has similar black chains looping around itself infinitely while radiating a purple space-like aura. So let us check how you can get Cursed Orb in AUT.

How to Get Cursed Orb in AUT

how to get cursed orb aut

There are three ways to get a Cursed Orb. The first way is to trade it with someone. But since this is a rare item, it will be a challenge in itself to find someone to trade with. Not to mention you will need to have something equally worthy which you could trade it for. The second way is to find it by opening Treasure Chests. This method is also quite tedious as there is only a 1% chance of you being able to find an Orb from these chests.

Now, this brings us to our last method which is by far the surest way to get the Orb without relying on luck. This method is complete Goku’s quest. When you are done with his quest interact with Goku and Shenron will ask you, “What do you wish for mortal?” choose Destruction here and you will receive the Cursed Orb.

What are the Uses for the Cursed Orb

You can use Cursed Orb to get S+ tier Stands. But this won’t work with every Stand in the game. You can use Cursed Orb on the following Stands:

  • Shadow Dio: Use it to get Shadow The World Requiem.
  • Star Platinum: Use it to get Star Platinum Requiem.

A fun fact: This Item is considered to be a lot more worthy than the Stands it makes. So if you are planning to make your account more valuable you might want to consider holding on to it, instead of making the above Stands.

That covers everything you need to know about Cursed Orb and its uses in this game. Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to get Tusk in AUT to make your next playthrough interesting.

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