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Curious Expedition Gets A Multiplayer Mode Ahead Of Sequel Launch

Curious Expedition has given players a ton to explore and wander in the name of science or just plain old treasure hunting and while news broke out of a sequel being in production the developers have released a multiplayer mode.


This roguelike game gets a new mode titled Rivals, in which you will be competing with other players online, and to make sure that the game remains competitive and fun for everyone to explore, the randomly generated, hex maps gave been increased by as much as 10000 times their original size.

You will have a party with you and it is up to you to keep the party safe and as a cohesive unit, you will face dangers from every corner but you can also find villages that might let you rest, replenish your supplies and if you insult them, they will chase you off.

Another great feature of this new mode is the fact that if you discover a new area that hasn’t been explored by anyone else before, your name and portrait will be made public for everyone to see, and this will certainly earn you some bragging rights.

Curious Expedition is a wonderful game and these new update Rivals make the game more immersive than ever.

Developed by Maschinen-Mensch, Curios Expedition is available on PC, Linux, and macOS.


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