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Cuphead DLC Delayed Until Next Year To Prioritize Employee Health

Keeping in mind the crunch that the team suffers while developing a game Studio MDHR has announced the Cuphead DLC: The Delicious Last Course will be delayed until 2020.


The Kotaku report made earlier of how employees at Bethesda were suffering during the launch of Anthem shook the entire industry and now more developers have taken notice towards the health of their staff.

A statement was released by studio co-director Chad Mordenhauer stating, “This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but we’re confident it’s one that will result in a higher quality experience that’s all the sweeter when it does arrive,”

Cuphead seemingly stole the attention of a lot of people and rose to popularity when it was released and the studio wants to pay a similar level of attention to detail to its upcoming DLC, hence the decision to delay it to next year seems justified.

You can check out a glimpse of the DLC gameplay right here and see for yourself what the game has in store when it releases.

The release date has not been confirmed as of yet and we will keep updating as and when we have more information about it.


Cuphead is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC


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