Valve Source Code Leak Questions Its Vulnerability Against Hackers

Prasad More
2 Min Read

Securities in games have often shown weakness and now the source code for Team Fortress 2 and CSGO has been leaked by hackers online. This leak exposes the source codes meaning that hackers can get access to your games and steal your valuable cosmetic items.

In the past cosmetic items like skins for weapons in CSGO have forked a small fortune and this has led to many private servers of both games to be shut off temporarily.

The source code was leaked on April 22 through an anonymously posted blog post by a user named Maxx. This source code has files dated from 2017 to 2018, putting hundreds of thousands of players who haven’t updated their games since then.

In a bizarre turn of events, Valve commented on this leak stated that this was a repost of leaked code which was originally leaked all the way back in 2018 but it is still unknown how it might affect the players in question.

Vale suggests players play on their official server, but with the recent leak scares, it will certainly bring a halt to many players who wish to safeguard their games and files.

Valve doesn’t seem to be worried and has assured players that playing on their private servers will ensure complete security though it hasn’t answered questions about how soon they will solve this issue.

One private server which was taken down in the midst of the security leaks has confirmed that they’re back online after receiving official confirmation from Valve that the game files won’t be affected.

It still raises thousands of questions and though this wasn’t a high-security risk, you may never know what future leaks could end up doing. Valve has started an investigation to look further into the leaks and will provide updates as and when more is revealed.

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