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CS:GO Players Ranking Guide: How to Track Down Top Players

Big fan of CS:GO? Want to know who wears the crown of top player then read this.

If you are a big fan of CS:GO and always looking out for competitive matches then why not having a look at the top players. Very few sources are updated enough to give you details on CS:GO Players Ranking. In this guide, I am going to share details of different platforms where you can track down Top CS:GO Players of 2021. These platforms are updated regularly offering you enough details on each team and how their position shuffles with every tournament.

CS:GO Players Ranking


CS:GO Players Ranking Guide

You can visit hltv.org or ggscore.com to get details about top CS:GO Players. HLTV.org is more accurate offering regular updates on top teams and players. According to the source below are the top players for 2021.

  1. Ukraine: s1mple
  2. France: ZywOo
  3. Denmark: dupreeh
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina: NiKo
  5. Russia: Perfecto
  6. Russia: Boombl4
  7. Russia: flamie
  8. Denmark: device
  9. Denmark: Magisk
  10. France: kennyS
  11. Russia: electronic
  12. Serbia: nexa
  13. Denmark: gla1ve
  14. France: RpK
  15. France: apEX
  16. Bosnia and Herzegovina: huNter-
  17. France: AmaNEk


The site also offers you a list of top players based on common filters like:

  • All-time best teams
  • Top 5
  • Top 10
  • Top 20
  • Top 30
  • Top 50

Sort them with the year and you can track down which team or player is still unbeatable. With this, you can also compare different players’ skills and track down their strong positions. For example, some players are best against 5 opponents where some are top against 50 opponents. You can view players’ profiles and get an in-depth report of achievements, players, stats, and more. The challenging part here is to find their exact game settings. Which can help any struggling player to improve their gameplay.


That’s it, this is how you can find out CS:GO Players Ranking and get the list of CS:GO Players and teams for 2021.