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How To Craft Crystal Tuning Fork In World Of Warcraft

Summon the rarest mobs with this guide on how to craft the Crystal Tuning Fork in WoW.

The new expansion pack Dragonflight adds a ton of new and exciting features to the long-running MMORPG we all love. One of the latest additions to the game are Artisan Curios, rare and special items you can use to summon rare mobs. These items can be found or crafted through various methods and tricks. Let’s take a look at how to craft a Crystal Tuning Fork in Worlds Of Warcraft.

Where to Find and Craft Crystal Tuning Fork in World of Warcraft

how to craft crystal tuning fork in World of warcraft

The Crystal Tuning Fork is an Artisan Curios you can use to summon the rare mob Amephyst. The item can only be crafted by players who are Jewelcrafters by profession. But before you can do any of this you’ll have to get your hands on the building materials required for crafting. To make your own Crystal Tuning Fork you’ll have to find a Crystal Fork.

The Crystal Fork is a rare item that is dropped by specific enemies in the Forbidden Reach. Players can try and farm the item from Spellsworn Crechebound or Arcane Revenant. You can also go to Mirkwood Island and look for the pirates that spawn along the shores. The same can be done on the Mainland shores. It is important to note that the drop rate for the Crystal Fork is extremely low, making it really hard to farm for. But once you have the item, you can use it to craft a Crystal Tuning Fork.

If you are a Jewelcrafter you can purchase the designs from Trader Harg’arth who can be found in Morqut Village. Make the required payment of 10 Artisan’s Mettle and use the Crystal Fork to make yourself the rare Artisan Curios. The unique tones that resonate from the Fork will summon the Amephyst.

That’s all we have on how to craft Crystal Tuning Fork in WoW. Check out our guide on How to get and use Neltharion Gift Tokens for more tips on the game.