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Resident Evil Village Shadows Of Rose: How To Solve The Crystal Puzzle

Resident Evil Village was a great experience on its own but with their latest DLC, you will get to experience more of this award-winning title. In Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose, you get to play Rosemary Winters, daughter of Ethan Winters. Throughout this campaign, you will come across several puzzles to solve and progress further. One of these puzzles is the Crystal Puzzle. You will unlock the Purifying Crystal once you solve this puzzle. In this article, we will tell you how to solve the crystal puzzle in Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose.

How to Solve the Crystal Puzzle in Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose

Bronze Mask in RE Village Shadows of Rose

In the Main Hall of Lady Dimitrescu’s castle, you will come across a statue holding the Purifying Crystal. To unlock the crystal, you will have to acquire three masks.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Bronze Mask

To find the Bronze mask, all you need to do is:

  • Head over to the Dining Hall and you will find a chained door
  • Find a Bolt Cutter in Kitchen’s Back Door
  • Use the Bolt Cutter to open the chained door to the Courtyard
  • A cutscene will show you where the bronze mask is located
  • Head over to the door across the Courtyard and make your way to the Attic
  • There you will find RW Variant Flask 1, Rose’s first power upgrade
  • Use this power to break the core and get the Bronze Mask for the Crystal Puzzle

Silver Mask

Silver Mask in RE Village Shadows of Rose

You can find the Silver Mask following these steps:

  • Acquire the Monocular Key in the Main Hall Upstairs
  • You will also get the power to stun the enemies
  • Head over to the bathroom and solve the Statue Puzzle
  • After solving this puzzle, a pathway to the basement will open up
  • Avoid all the enemies and get the silver mask at the end of the basement

Gold Mask

Gold Mask in RE Village Shadows of Rose

Acquiring Gold Mask in RE Village Shadows of Rose is a bit tricky. You will have to:

  • Head over to the Hallway and you will find the old path out blocked
  • There will be another path which will head to a room with a Snake Painting
  • Using this painting, you will have to solve a puzzle
  • Complete the Snake Painting puzzle using our guide and you will unlock the Triocular Key
  • Use the key to get the Shotgun in the Dining Room Cabinet
  • Then make your way through the Courtyard and enter the door on the left
  • Once you enter the Opera Hall, you will see the mask in the middle of the room
  • The floor will be covered with Goop so look around for cores and destroy them
  • After clearing the goop, you can acquire the Gold Mask

Once you acquire all the masks, clear the room full of cores and make your way to the Main Hall. Place down all the masks on the Statue and you will get the Purifying Crystal.

That’s all from us on How to Solve the Crystal Puzzle in RE Village Shadows of Rose. For more helpful guides, head over to our Resident Evil Guides Section.