All Crystal Meth Package Locations In Ready Or Not

Looking for Crystal Meth packages in Ready or Not? Follow this guide to get the location of both packages.

In Ready or Not, you will have to deal with all the troublemakers corrupting the city of Los Suenos and stop them along with your fellow SWAT members. Similarly, during the ‘Twisted Nerve‘ mission your squad is sent to 213 Park Holmes to bust a suspected methamphetamine operation.

Although completing this mission is not very complicated, there will be a ton of other objectives you will have to fulfill. Therefore, to help you with this, in this guide, you will find all the Crystal Meth package locations, so that you can easily bust all the drug addicts and complete your mission.

Where to Find Crystal Meth Packages in Ready or Not

Crystal Meth Package Location 1 Ready Or Not

Crystal Meth Package Location 1

The first meth package is pretty easy to find, however, before you enter the main house, make sure you are prepared to face any enemies. Once you have checked if the area is clear to move, go inside.

Once you enter the main hall area, you will encounter a few drug addicts. On the right-hand side, you will notice a big hole in the wall. On the other side of the hole, you will see the kitchen. Make sure you check your surroundings correctly before you enter the kitchen.

Here, you will find that the fridge’s door is completely broken and inside the fridge, you will find your first Crystal Meth package.

Crystal Meth Package Location 2

Crystal Meth Package Location 2 Ready Or Not

To get to the second location, you will have to move out of the kitchen and get to the backyard and you can use the door on the right-hand side to exit the house. Once you are outside, you will notice a huge shack. Luckily, there will be a staircase leading to it.

Once you see an entrance to this shack, enter through the door and go towards the right. Now when you turn towards the left, just near the bottom of the staircase, you can collect the glowing Crystal Meth that will be inside a box.

We have covered both the Crystal Meth Package Locations in Ready or Not. If you are interested in this game, don’t forget to browse through our guide on how you can end a mission and how you can use the Tablet, right here on Gamer Tweak.