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Crysis Trilogy Available on Xbox One via EA Access

EA has just announced on its official EA Access Twitter profile that the Crysis Trilogy is now available in the service vault. The trilogy is available exclusively on Xbox One thanks to backward compatibility.

For more than thirteen years, humanity has been plagued with the existential question ‘Can it run Crysis?’ and one thing is certain, the Xbox One can do it. At least, we can hope, because the entire Crysis trilogy – including the pioneering and PC-breaking original title at the time – can now be played on the current-generation console of Microsoft.

There is only a small caveat though. You must be subscribed to EA Access to play the games. The fact that EA Access is also available on the PlayStation 4 does not mean anything, because the trilogy is currently only available on Xbox One via EA’s online subscription service.

It is also not the remastered versions, but the original Xbox 360 versions which can be played through backwards compatibility. According to the developer, you can download the trilogy on your Xbox One right now. It is worth remembering that Crysis Remastered should arrive on Xbox One in August.

This news is especially good for the Xbox players who are eagerly waiting for the Crysis Remastered, which was delayed almost immediately after its leaked release date. The development team said in a statement that they have their hands full with smoothing out the issues that were mostly noticed by fans.