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Crysis Remastered Release Date Leaked During Recent PlayStation Access Video

Crysis Remastered Will Offer A Different Perspective On War, Now In 8K

Crysis Remastered release date supposedly leaked by the PlayStation Access channel on YouTube. During their latest video titled, New PS4 Games This Week we get to hear that Crysis Remastered is releasing on August 21st, 2020.

Crysis series had a long-standing of being the benchmark of PC gaming when it was first released back in 2007 and the series from there on kept pushing PC gaming capabilities with never seen before graphics and gameplay.

The PlayStation Access leak was revealed even before the official announcement was made by Crytek, the developers behind the Crysis series. You can check out the segment about Crysis Remastered by skipping ahead to the 2:25 minute mark.

While Crysis Remastered looks to bring back people to the world that it once solely claimed domain over, it will be contrasting to see how the Remastered version of the same game fares against others in the genre.

Since Crysis was released, there have been plenty of games that have picked up the same formula and found relative success, though Crysis Remastered was delayed it looks like it will launch this Friday on all platforms.

As of writing this article, Crytek hasn’t announced anything regarding the release date and has kept silent on the release date but their pinned Tweet seems to suggest that the release date is impending.

Jumping back into the world of Crysis Remastered will certainly bring back old memories of a game that was generations ahead of its time and something that actively changed sci-fi shooter genre to where it currently is at.

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