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Crusader Kings 3: How To Become Feudal

Quickly become feudal in CK3.

Tribal societies are good to start with but in the long term, it becomes difficult to hold on to land in tribal. That’s because of the Confederate Partition succession, which is deployed on the Tribal societies and is one of the worst succession laws. Hence, players who have started as tribal are looking to become feudal in Crusader Kings 3. If you are one of them and want to know how to become quickly, you are in the right place. This guide will discuss, how to become feudal in Crusader Kings 3.

How to Become Feudal in CK3


Becoming feudal in Crusader Kings 3 except for one requirement, which is of tribal innovations. Firstly to become feudal you will need to have to increase your tribal authority to level four. That’s when you will get the option to choose a tribal or a feudal way. Once you have chosen the feudal way, there will be a list of requirements shown to completely become feudal in CK3.

Now coming back to the toughest requirement, tribal innovations, it can take centuries to achieve it. This requires tech development in your kingdom. There are some alternative ways to speed up tribal innovations but still, it won’t help much. You can either develop your province or conquer some already developed cultural province to increase the speed of tribal innovations.

That’s how you become feudal in Crusader Kings 3. However, it might not be worth it at times. Except for the succession law, the tribal societies get many benefits. One of these is that only tribals can perform a raid in CK3. Another benefit is that the amount of levies in tribal is way more than what you get from feudal. This means that you can make more money in CK3 being a tribal. So it is a matter of choice whether you want to become feudal in Crusader Kings 3 or be tribal.