How to unlock Crucible Ranks In Destiny 2

Here are tips on how to unlock new Crucible Glory ranks in Destiny 2, what are the points requirement to unlock the ranks. 

To unlock high-tier weapons you will have to play Competitive Crucible mode where you will unlock Glory Ranks.  This is a competitive mode this means it won’t be easy. But it is all worth grinding due to the quality of weapons will unlock at the end. So here is a guide on how to unlock new Crucible Ranks, how to earn new points in Destiny 2.

Points required to win Competitive Glory Ranks

You will earn rank points by playing matches. And you will also lose points if you fail to win a match. Quitting comes with a match penalty it is counted as a loss. If you pro enough to win matches continuously you will unlock a winning streak bonus. Every streak requires five wins. As you win matches you will progress among 6 ranks in the competitive mode. Below is the list of ranks.

  • Guardian – Guardian I,  Guardian II & Guardian III
  • Brave – Brave I, Brave II & Brave III
  • Heroic – Heroic I, Heroic II & Heroic III
  • Fabled – Fabled I, Fabled II & Fabled III
  • Mythic – Mythic I, Mythic II & Mythic III
  • Legend – 5450 to 5500 rank points.

Between Guardian to Fabled, you will earn bonus rank points every week after completing 3 matches. And when you enter Mythic and Legend it is a necessary requirement to complete three matches every week or else rank decays. Below is a shortlist of all points you will require to unlock the next rank.

  • Guardian I : 40 Points
  • Guardian II : +70 Points
  • Guardian III : +90 Points
  • Brave I : +170 Points
  • Brave II : +295 Points
  • Brave III : +385 Points
  • Heroic I : +210 Points
  • Heroic II : +365 Points
  • Heroic III : +475 Points
  • Fabled I : +280 Points
  • Fabled II : +490 Points
  • Fabled III : +630 Points
  • Mythic I : +380 Points
  • Mythic II : +665 Points
  • Mythic III : +905 Points
  • Legend : +50 Points

After this max point will be somewhere around 5500. To make things a little tougher the amount of Glory you earn disappears with every rank. The way to earn points to get more and more win streaks. If you lose you will also lose a point, the graph goes down. The higher rank you are in the lesser point you will earn every match. And the more you lose a point will be removed from your account. Thankfully Bungie reset this via an update removing the limitation of Glory Streak. It does not reset but it will be reduced by 2.

Also, you do not fall back to lower ranks once you are into a higher one. For example, if you are in Brave I will not fall back down even after losing matches. A lot relies on your Kill-Death ration and performance. The better you are the less Glory you lose. Glory is also adjusted faster based on what skill you are using in the game. So here a lot relies on the overall gaming performance.

This last point makes the following table slightly incorrect. While these are still the base values for wins, the amount you lose for losses is entirely dynamic. There are reports of players losing as little as 4 points while others lose 12, 28, and even 40. This is a drastic reduction from the 60-80 points from previous seasons.

There is still more to be added to this guide. We will be explaining to you about the loss-win ration how it impacts the overall ranking in Destiny 2 Crucible Ranks.