Where To Find Oleana In Pokemon Crown Tundra (Location)

Here's the location where you can find Olean in Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra.

Oleana is a well-known character for fans of Pokemon Sword and Shield. She is Chairman Rose’s secretary and she appears in Crown Tundra as well. If you are looking for Oleana location in Crown Tundra, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where to find Oleana.

Pokemon Crown Tundra: Where to Find Oleana Location

The location where you will find Oleana is the Old Cemetery in Crown Tundra. This is actually where you can plant Carrot seeds to get Spectrier. This particular location is to the south of Giant’s Bed so go there on your bike.

old cemetery location crown tundra

Visit there after your story is completed because that is a condition for Oleana to appear. Also remember to visit only during the night time.

But there’s also another trick to get her to appear. You have to talk to Peonia many times. She will be in Max Lair in Slippery Slope so go ahead and meet her. When you talk to her, she will talk to you about a woman who comes to a grave looking for something. Ensure that you have completed multiple legendary adventures because only then Peonia will say this.


Now all that is left to be done is to travel to the cemetery and spot Oleana. You will get two options to choose from and based on what you pick, her reaction towards you will differ. If you address her by her name, she will talk to you calmly. But if you call her a ghost, she will get understandably annoyed at you. Or “mildly-peeved” as she puts it.


This is the entire process to find Oleana in Crown Tundra (Pokemon Sword and Shield). When you talk to her, she will ask you about her investigation of a Rose sighting in the Tundra. An interesting interaction happens with Peony and then the journey continues.

That’s everything on where to find Oleana location in Pokemon Crown Tundra. Don’t miss our other guides on this game while you are here.