Crowfall Promotion Class Tier List 2023

Check out all the best Promotion Classes in this Crowfall tier list for 2023.

Find the best Promotion Classes in this Crowfall tier list for 2023. Crowfall is a very popular online multiplayer game.  It is also known as a “Throne War Simulator”. The classes are ranked from tier S to tier C.

Best Promotion Classes in Crowfall (Tier List) 2023

promotion class tier list crowfall

Check out the best Promotion Classes in Crowfall in 2021. The top classes will be featured in the S tier, and then the A tier and so on. Use this tier list to choose the best Promotion Classes.

S Tier in Crowfall

These are the best promotion classes in Crowfall in 2021. These classes dominate each and every aspect of the game, right from the tiniest to the biggest aspects.

S Alpha Warrior
S Vindicator
S Warden
S Arbiter

A Tier in Crowfall

While the promotion classes in the A tier may not be as powerful as those in the S tier, these classes are not to be underestimated. They pack a powerful punch and are really good classes in Crowfall.

A Archer
A Paladin
A Radical
A Stormcaller
A Cutthroat
A Fury
A Titan
A Conqueror
A Crusader
A Brigand
A Icecaller
A Archmage
A Barbarian
A Swordsman
A Secutor
A Sentinel

B Tier in Crowfall

These Promotion Classes in Crowfall are decent enough to be used. They are only relatively weaker to the classes in the A tier. These classes are powerful and really useful too.

B Pit Fighter
B Slayer
B Vanguard Scout
B Vandal
B Archdruid
B Blackguard
B Dirge

C Tier in Crowfall

This is the final tier for the Promotion Classes in Crowfall. These are the least powerful/important classes in the game. Despite their low ranking, they can still do well in the game.

C Battle Rager
C Sentinel

These were the best Promotion Classes in Crowfall. You can use this tier list to make the best choices and decisions to have the best gameplay experience.

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