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How To Get Crouch Kills In Modern Warfare 2? (Best Crouch Perks)

Crouching can let you quietly take down enemies from behind, but this is not easy. You need some perks that support Crouching in MW2. Check this guide for more info.

Crouch kill is one of the requirements to upgrade M4 in COD Modern Warfare 2. It is a tough movement, it requires a player to quietly move behind the enemy and then eliminate him. In fast-paced games like Modern Warfare 2, there is less chance you might not get detected. In this guide, I am going to share a strategy on how to get an easy crouch to kill in MW2. There are some perks that help you or else it will remain an impossible task.


MW2 Crouch Kill Tricks – Crouch & Shoot Guide

How to Crouch Kill MW2?

For a successful crouch kill you will need two things. First to be extremely quiet so that you are not seen by the enemy and second a perk that can hide you from drones and sensors. Enemies will have a hard time spotting you, and you can complete your Crouch Kill challenges.

  • Double Time: Double the duration of the tactical sprint. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%.
  • Ghost: Undetectable by UAVs, Portable Radars, and Heartbeat Sensors.
  • Tracker: Enemies leave behind a footprint trail, and enemy death markers are visible. Kill markers are hidden from the enemy team.

Double Time and Ghost are two perks that must be in your loadout. For more help, if you can unlock Tracker then things will be easier. Another perk that can replace Ghost is Cold Blooded. This one will hide your presence from the AI targeting system and thermal optics. Also when this perk is in the bonus perk section your appearance will not raise a High alert warning. It will also hide you from Tactical Cameras, Recond Drones, and Spotter Scopes.


How to crouch kill?

On PC press C once to crouch. Press twice to slide, and crouching is like sitting and then shooting an enemy. Now when you are in the match, you will have to locate the enemy first, and then quietly walk near, press C once, and then shoot. This will complete your challenges, you can do this multiple times. The only addition here is pressing C on time to sit. Crouching will also protect you from headshots. A bit of practice is required here, weapons like SMGs and Assault Rifles go well with crouch kill.

Hope the guide will help you to complete all crouch kill challenges in COD MW2. For more similar guides you can check our COD MW2 Wiki.