FIFA 22 Crossplay – Is There Cross-Platform And Cross Generation?

Know more about FIFA 22 crossplay and if it will be cross-platform or not?

FIFA 22 is speculated to release between 22 September to 10 October, 2021. We will get an official release date soon but fans of the franchise are already curious to know more about FIFA 22 Crossplay. Will it be cross platform and will cross generation feature be available? Find out here.

FIFA 22 Crossplay – Is it Cross Platform & Cross Generation?

EA has not added the cross-platform feature in its earlier release of FIFA 21. But for FIFA 22, there is no confirmation available yet. Previously, FIFA Direct Communication’s twitter account had stated clearly that you won’t be able to play across console generations or crossplay in FIFA 21. But you can carry over your FUT progression from your PlayStation 4 to PS5 as well as Xbox One to Series X.

So, if you were curious to know if you can play with friends having different consoles, or even different generations of the same console, the answer isn’t clear yet. Let’s wait for any official announcement regarding FIFA 22 and crossplay and cross-gen play. Many new games are using the feature and to know if FIFA 22 adds it as well, we have to wait and watch.

EA has been quite mixed about crossplay in the past games so it could be a 50-50 chance whether FIFA 22 will get it or not. Till now, NFS Heat used this feature as well as Apex Legends which added it in 2021. If EA wants to release this football sim with a bit less effort, then it could release without crossplay. In case it does get it though, it will be a welcome change for a majority of players.

So, that’s all that’s known about FIFA 22’s cross-platform feature right now. When EA reveals for information about it, we will be sure to update it here. We will be covering more guides about the game when it releases so stay tuned to Gamer Tweak for all of the tips and tricks.