Critical Legends Classes Tier List (February 2024)

Here is the Tier List of the Classes in Critical Legends.

Critical Legends is a Roblox game where you choose a class and get into the adventurous world set by the game. Fight insane bosses, unlock classes and be a hero in Critical Legends. Classes are an important thing in this game as such, you will need to choose the right ones. Don’t worry as I have made a list of the Classes in the game according to how good they are. Here is a Tier List of all the Classes in Critical Legends from S Tier to F Tier.

Critical Legends Classes Tier List (February 2024)

classes critical legends tier list

Here is the Class Tier List in Critical Legends

Tier Class
S Tier  Book of Wish
S Tier  Chaotic Defender
S Tier  Hands of Hope
S Tier  Immortal Sword
S Tier  King Slime
S Tier  Luna
S Tier  Reality Breaker
S Tier  Shotgun of Imagination
S Tier  Timer Warden
S Tier  Void King
S Tier  Void Scythe
S Tier Star Slayer
A Tier  Awakened Dragon Brawler
A Tier  Bandite Guns
A Tier  Blue Slime
A Tier  Fire and Ice
A Tier  Golden Bow
A Tier  Heart Shield
A Tier  Holy Sword
A Tier  King
A Tier  Martial Artist T2
A Tier  Martial Artists
A Tier  Nature’s Staff
A Tier  Scythe
A Tier  Solar Eclipse Great Sword
B Tier  Apple Tree
B Tier  Dragon Brawler
B Tier  Dual Guns
B Tier  Flame Shield
B Tier  Hex Staff
B Tier  Longbow
B Tier  Master Programmer
B Tier  Powerful Spellbook
B Tier  Priest Staff
B Tier  Purple Slime
B Tier  Solar Great Sword
B Tier  Valkyrie Over Heaven
B Tier  Venom Dagger
B Tier  Venom Katana
B Tier  Void Katana
B Tier  Void Tiki
B Tier Ocean’s Blade
F Tier  Apple Collector
F Tier  Apprentice Staff
F Tier  Boxer
F Tier  Great Sword
F Tier  Green Slime
F Tier  Gun
F Tier  Hunter’s Marksman
F Tier  Katana
F Tier  Programmer
F Tier  Spellbook
F Tier  Staff of Healing
F Tier  Starter Shield
F Tier  Tiki
F Tier  Valkyrie Spear
F Tier Combo Sword
F Tier Longsword

As you can see in the Critical Legends Classes Tier List above, there are a few Classes in S, A, B, & F Tiers. S Tiers are the Best Classes that you should use or prioritize getting first. A Tiers are good Classes, on their own you do a lot of stuff but they fall short in comparison to the S Tier Classes. B Tier is the middle of the Pack Classes. They are not the best nor the worst. They can shine in the right situation. F Tier Classes are the worst Classes you can use. Some Classes can do their job and then some. Avoid using them as there are better options.

This was all about the Critical Legends Classes Tier List. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Critical Legends Codes Roblox.