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Roblox Critical Expedition Crafting Recipes

Best Roblox Critical Expedition crafting recipes list.

Looking for crafting recipes in Roblox Critical Expedition? We have gathered all the craftable items and materials you need in this guide. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Roblox Critical Expedition Crafting Recipes


Crafting Recipes in Roblox Critical Expedition

Here are the crafting recipes for Critical Expedition in Roblox:

Item Requires
Black Mana Glove (Active Item) 4 Black Fur, & 4 Fox Pelt
Bronze Ingot (Material) 2 Bronze ore
Celestial Sword (Cosmetic) 1 Celestial Fragment, 20 Silver Ingots, & 5 Gold Ingots
Fang Dagger (Passive) [New] 1 Bat Fang, & 1 Hunting Dagger
Gold Ingot (Material) 4 Gold ore
Key of Darkness (Passive Item) 1 Mysterious Key, & 5 Black Fur
Magic Gauge (Passive Item) 27 Gold Ore, 47 Silver Ore, & 70 Magic Residue
Order Armor (Passive) [Updated] 1 Broken Order Armor, Prince Plate Armor, 20 Gold Ingot, & 30 Silver Ingot
Prince Plate Armor (Passive) [Updated] 5 Prince Slime Gel, 1 Prince Slime Core, 1 Metal Plate, 40 Bronze Ingots, & 20 Silver Ingots
Reality Bow (Cosmetic) 1 Reality Fragment, 10 Silver Ingots, & 10 Gold Ingots
Regal Slime Key (Active Item) 1 Mysterious key, 1 Prince slime core, + 2 Prince slime gel, 1 essence of slime, & 10 Gold ingots
Rune Of Flames (Passive Item) 1 Empty Rune,1 Burning Torch, 30 Magic Residue, 30 Gold Ingots, & 30 Power Potions
Shadow Slime Key (Active Item) 1 Key of Darkness, 2 Prime Slime Core, 5 Prince Slime Gel, 1 Slime Essence, & 3 Gold Ingot
Silver Ingot (Material) 3 Silver ore
Slime Key (Active Item) 1 Mysterious Key, 3 Silver ingot, 1 Slime Essence, 2 Slime Gel, & 5 Slime Core
Slimy boots (Passive Item) 1 Traveler Boots, & 5 Slime Gel
Thorned Tunic (Passive Item) 4 Spiky Quills, 8 Spiky Fur, & 2 Slime Gel
Winged boots (Passive Item) 1 Slime Boots, 5 Bat Wings, & 3 Fox Pelts


By using this list you can craft all the items in Roblox Critical Expedition. But to gather all the main items in the game you need to explore the world and collect them. Like Slime Gels can be gathered from Slimes, fox pelts from spike foxes, Traveler Boots need to found from chests, and so on.

That’s everything you need to know about Crafting Recipes in Roblox Critical Expedition.   If you are an avid player of popular Roblox games, go to our Roblox Game Codes list to get Promo Codes for them.