Crispy Baked Cod Dreamlight Valley Guide

Here's a simple guide on how to make Crispy Baked Cod in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Looking for the Crispy Baked Cod Dreamlight Valley recipe? We have you covered. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fun experience where you can spend hours and not get bored at all. There are a plethora of activities like cooking, fishing, mining, farming, and much more. Moreover, you can spend quality time with your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. The cooking mechanic is vital to this game for many reasons. Apart from getting energy, you can also offer meals to NPCs to increase friendship levels. The recipes in this game follow a star system. Meaning higher star recipes are complicated to make. So if you are new to this game then you can try making the delicious Crispy Baked Cod. This article will tell you how to make Crispy Baked Cod in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Make Crispy Baked Cod in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Crispy Baked Cod in DDV

This is a two-star recipe. The number of stars represents the number of ingredients needed to prepare it so here, you will need two. The required ingredients are:

  • 1x Cod
  • 1x Wheat

How to Get Cod in Dreamlight Valley

To make Crispy Baked Cod in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will have to catch Cod. You can catch this fish at Dazzle Beach, the Glade of Trust, and Forgotten Lands. The best place to catch Cod is at Dazzle Beach. To unlock it, you will need 1,000 Dreamlight. Then, you can fish at the numerous fishing spots at this beach for Cod. Note that you can get other fish instead so keep trying till you get Cod.

How to Get Wheat in Dreamlight Valley

Wheat is fairly easy to get in this game. Once you unlock Peaceful Meadow, visit Goofy’s stall and repair it for 500 Star Coins. Then, upgrade it for another 1000 Star Coins to unlock Wheat Seeds. Then, you can buy the seeds for a single Star Coin. Plant them in rich soil and wait for a minute to get Wheat.

Once you get both the ingredients, head over to any cooking station and toss them in a pot. And Voila! Your dish is ready. You can either consume it, offer it to NPC or sell it for Star Coins.

That’s everything on how to make Crispy Baked Cod in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more recipes like Lemon Sorbet and Mushu’s Congee, visit our Dreamlight section soon.