Where To Easily Find Creamy Oyster In Final Fantasy XIV

Creamy Oyster is a unique sea creature you can catch in Final Fantasy XIV, here is a guide no how to catch this amazing oyster.

Creamy Oyster is a type of fish that you can find in Final Fantasy XIV, the game offers a ton of options for players who still wish to explore the wonderful world that the game is set in. If you wish to know about how to get the Creamy Oyster in Final Fantasy XIV read up our tips and tricks on how to find it.

Where To Find Creamy Oyster In Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV still offers a ton of content even after you’re done with the Shadowbringers DLC. If you simply want to spend a casual evening catching exotic marine life, you can do so in the game. One of the best things to catch in Final Fantasy XIV is the Creamy Oyster, it is one of the most sought-after marine life in the game.

Before you grab on to your fishing hooks, you will need to have a 70 level or above Fisher, to catch it manually. Do not worry though, if you do not have the requirements, you can always go to the marketboard and see if it is on sale over there.

  1. To catch Creamy Oyster yourself, however, you will need to go to Kholusia, here find the coordinates X:8 and Y:32. These coordinates can be found in the Western part of the Kholusian Coast. Find the watering hole over here and start fishing.
  2. For bait, we recommend getting the Moyebi Shrimp bait and you can easily find these at the vendors in the Shadowbringers area. Places like Eulmore, Mord Souq, and Kholusia are known to keep this specific bait in stock all the time.
  3. You will need some amount of luck but the Creamy Oysters are particularly important for the delivery quests in Crystarium. If you are done with the quest, you can always sell it at the marketboard for some handsome amount of cash.

This is all there is to know about where to find the Creamy Oyster in Final Fantasy XIV.