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Sons Of The Forest Crashing, Freezing, & Lagging Issues Fix

Unable to play Sons of the Forest cause it keeps crashing? These fixes will help you out!

Many players are facing crashing and lagging issues while playing Sons of the Forest and need a fix for it. Most games on release have such problems, so it isn’t exactly uncommon. But using some basic workarounds you can solve them in no time. So here is how you can fix the freezing and stuttering errors of Sons of the Forest.

How to Fix Sons of the Forest Crashing Error

how to fix crashing and lagging in sons of the forest

Crashing can happen due to several different reasons, so here are some general fixes you can try for resolving this issue.

  • Verify File Integrity: There is a chance that the game is crashing because some of your game files might have gone corrupt. You can easily solve that by verifying the integrity of game files on Steam.
    1. Launch Steam and go to your Library.
    2. Right-click on Sons of the Forest.
    3. Here choose Properties and go to Local Files.
    4. Click on “Verify integrity of game files…” and let it scan.
    5. The game will replace any corrupt files. Now restart the game and Sons of the Forest shouldn’t crash.
  • Update your Graphics Drivers: Another reason the game might crash or lag a lot is because of old graphics drivers. Graphics drivers are often updated and optimized for the latest games. To update your graphics card you can use Geforce Experience for Nvidia or AMD Radeon Software for AMD. You could also download them from their official website.
    Install the latest graphics drivers on your PC and restart your system. Now play the game and you shouldn’t face those issues.
  • Run the game as Admin: This is a basic but quick fix that works a lot of times. Right-click on the Shortcut of Sons of the Forest and choose Run as Admin.
  • Close background apps: If there are some other apps running in the background then it might cause Sons of the Forest to lag or occasionally freeze. Go to the task manager and see what apps you can close. End them and restart the game and you shouldn’t get the issues again.
  • Disable Antivirus or add the game to its Allow list: This is another effective fix. At times, Antivirus can cause issues with such games. Simply add this game to the whitelist of your Antivirus. Or you could disable it during your play session and enable it again once you are done.
  • Reinstall the game: If none of the fixes work then you should reinstall the game.

That covers this guide on how to fix crashing, freezing, lagging and stuttering errors in Sons of the Forest. If you found this guide useful and need more help on this game then check out our Sons of the Forest section.