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Crash Bandicoot 4 Levels List: How Many Levels Are There

How many levels does Crash Bandicoot 4 have? What is the levels list? Know all about it and learn about the Nverted levels, Flashback levels & more.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is here and before diving into the game, many players want to know the answer to one question. How many levels are there in Crash Bandicoot 4? What are the level names? Well, here’s the answer to that as well as some information about the wide range of replayability this game offers.

How Many Levels in Crash Bandicoot 4


There are a total of 43 levels in Crash Bandicoot 4. This includes 38 main levels and 5 boss levels. This actually makes it the longest game of the series. Here’s how long it takes to beat, in case you are curious to know.

But in terms of Crash Bandicoot 4 Levels, there is a lot more to offer. You can play all the 43 levels in a different mode (the N.Verted mode).



What it does is that it will mirror things (hence, the inverted mode name). It will also change the graphic style and provide a different effect altogether. This adds a fun element of replayability and if you count that, it becomes 86 levels.

Apart from that, there are 21 Flashback Levels that you can unlock with a special method. You need to find the Flashback Tapes (without dying) in certain levels to unlock these short levels.

That is not all. There are also side levels and alternate timelines that you can play as different characters which will give you a unique experience. Moreover, there is the time trial mode that you can unlock as you complete the levels.


With so much to offer in terms of levels, this game is certainly a bang for your buck. So, in conclusion, there are:

  • 38 main levels
  • 5 Boss levels
  • 21 Flashback Levels
  • 43 N.verted Levels

The total comes to 107 levels.

Crash Bandicoot 4 levels list:

  • Rude Awakening
  • N.Sanity Peak
  • The Hazardous Wastes
  • A Real Grind
  • Crash Compactor
  • Hit The Road
  • Truck Stopped
  • Stage Dive
  • Salty Wharf
  • Booty Calls
  • Thar He Blows!
  • Hook, Line, And Sinker
  • Jetboard Jetty
  • Tranquility Falls
  • Give It a Spin
  • Potion Commotion
  • Draggin’ On
  • Off-Balance
  • Trouble Brewing
  • Mosquito Marsh
  • Off Beat
  • Home Cookin’
  • Run It Bayou
  • No Dillo Dallying
  • The 11th Dimension
  • Snow Way Out
  • Ship Happens
  • Stay Frosty
  • Bears Repeating
  • Building Bridges
  • 4th Time’s A Charm
  • Eggipus Dimension
  • Blast To The Past
  • Fossil Fueled
  • Dino Dash
  • Rock Blocked
  • Bermugula’s Orbit
  • Out For Launch
  • Shipping Error
  • Stowing Away
  • Crash Landed
  • A Hole in Space
  • The [email protected] Dimension
  • Food Run
  • Rush Hour
  • The Crate Escape
  • Cortex Island
  • Nitro Processing
  • Toxic Tunnels
  • Cortex Castle
  • Seeing Double
  • The Past Unmasked

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