Cozy Grove Time Traveling Guide

Just like Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can time travel in Cozy Grove. Here's how.

In a life sim game, time is of much importance. Every day when you start the game, there will be something interesting to do. Once you finish your activities for the day, you won’t have much to do but you can time travel and make it look like it’s a new day in the game. Here’s how to time travel in Cozy Grove easily.

How to Time Travel in Cozy Grove?

Cozy Grove Time Traveling

You can time travel in different ways based on the platform you are playing the game on. It’s currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac, iOS and Nintendo Switch. Let’s address these individually.

How to Time Travel in Cozy Grove on PS4

PlayStation 4 users can simply head to Settings and change the Date and Time. Then go to Date and Time Settings and Set Manually. Here, you can input the date and time to whichever one you want. If you want to move to the immediate next day, put that date and time. After you are done with this, start Cozy Grove and continue your journey.

Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S

The process is same for both Xbox Consoles that the game is available on. But first, ensure that you are playing offline. Go to Settings > Personalization > My Home Xbox and then follow the next steps.

Under Settings, choose Network > Network Settings > Go Offline. Remember to start your Xbox again and then go to Settings > System > Time. This is where you can change the time to “time travel” in the game.

How to Time Travel in Cozy Grove on PC (Windows)

To change time on PC, right click on your date and time at the bottom right section of the screen. The Adjust Date and Time > turn off Set Time Automatically and manually Set the Date and Time.
Once you have your desired date, click on Change and then start the game.


The basic process is to click on the Apple Icon > System Preferences > Date and Time. Select the lock to be able to manually set your date and time. Note that you have to turn off the option of Setting Date and Time Automatically here as well.


iOS users need to head to Settings > General > Date and Time > Turn off Set Automatically. Then go ahead and manually adjust it.

Nintendo Switch

Go to System Settings > System > Date and Time and disable Synchronize Clock via Internet. Then input the required date and time manually.

So, as you can tell, the process involve turning off or disabling the automatic date and time feature to be able to manually input the date and time. After that, you can launch the game and continue playing.

This is how to time travel in Cozy Grove. While you are here, don’t miss out on some of the other fun things you can do on your haunted island.