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Cozy Grove Cooking Guide: How To Cook Food

Here's how to cook food in Cozy Grove and use it for different purposes.

Cozy Grove is a life-sim with a twist and to survive in this haunted island, you need to have some cooking skills. Look no further because we will show you how to cook in Cozy Grove. Cooked food will come in real handy not only to keep your health up but also to make some money on the side. So, let’s get right into our guide on how to cook in Cozy Grove and how to use cooked food.

How to Cook in Cozy Grove?


cozy grove cooking guide

You can cook food in Cozy Grove by speaking to Flamey. Once you interact with him, you will get a pop up which asks you what you want to do specifically. Choose the option: I want to burn something. Next, choose the item you want to cook and then he will go ahead and cook it. Once the process is done, he will give you the resulting item which is cooked food in this case. He can also smelt and burn materials.

Note that different items will create different results when you talk to Flamey and burn them. For example, from fish you can get charred fish bones and so on.


How to Use Cooked Food

You can give cooked food in Cozy Grove to your hungry pet or to an imp based on what they want to eat. What you need to do is throw the cooked food item just like you throw the bobber when you are fishing – the mechanism is same but remember to have it in your active item slot beforehand.

You can also donate it to Captain Snout. This captain wants to fill out his collection and he will accept cooking ingredients and cooked meals. You will earn money quite easily with this method. Do note that you won’t always get money but sometimes you can receive gemstones or even new recipes. When you give food to Imps, you can also earn various rewards that could be money or anything else. If you have something in excess, you can always sell it to Mr. Kit for money.


That’s everything you need to know about how to cook in Cozy Grove and how to use cooked food. If you love playing such games, don’t miss out on our other articles on Spiritfarer, Stardew Valley and more.