Escape From Tarkov: Courtesy Visit Quest Walkthrough

Here is a guide on how to complete the Courtesy Visit quest in Escape from Tarkov.

Jaeger is infamous for giving the most challenging quests in Escape from Tarkov. However, the Courtesy Visit quest is one of the simplest in the game. The whole objective of the task is to pay a casual visit to Jaeger’s ex-classmates in the Abandoned Village. He needs to know whether they still reside in the same place. Though it sounds simple, finding the location of the three houses in the village can be quite a task. This guide will show you how to complete the Courtesy Visit quest in Escape from Tarkov from start to end.

How to Complete Courtesy Visit in Escape from Tarkov (Walkthrough)

The Courtesy Visit quest in Escape from Tarkov will require you to visit three specific houses on the Shoreline map. Luckily, all three houses are located in the same area – the Swamp. You can find the Swamp on the western part of the Shoreline map in Tarkov. You must visit all three houses in the same raid and exfil successfully. So, here is a quick walkthrough on the complete Courtesy Visit quest in Escape from Tarkov:

  1. Enter the chairman’s house.
  2. Go near the fisherman’s house.
  3. Finally, find the priest’s house.

Chairman’s House Location in Escape from Tarkov

chairman's house location
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The Chairman’s house is on the southwest part of the Swamp in Tarkov. It is bigger than the other houses in the area. You will need to enter the house to complete the objective.

Fisherman’s House Location in EFT

fisherman's house location tarkov
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The Fisherman’s house is directly north of the Chairman’s house across the wooden bridge. You won’t be able to enter this house. Just walk around the fishing nets outside the house to achieve this objective.

Where to Find the Priest’s House in Tarkov

priest's house location
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Lastly, you must find the Priest’s house located at the southernmost part of the Swamp. It is also the only house on a hilly area overlooking the Swamps. Moreover, you will also find the house destroyed. Once you enter it, you will find the Priest’s dead body. This will trigger the end of the objectives for Jaeger’s quest. However, you must safely exfil to complete the Courtesy Visit quest in Escape from Tarkov.

That was all we had for you in our Courtesy Visit Quest guide in Escape from Tarkov. For more tips and tricks or location guides, check out our EFT section on Gamer Tweak.