Counter Strike Source 2 Release Date 2023

Check out the release date for Counter Strike 2.

The major talk in the esports community right now is all about the Counter Strike 2 Release Date. 2023 is an exciting year for CSGO fans since there are rumors about a brand-new version of the beloved game. CS:GO has had its fair share of problems but players loved it as both a game and an esports. However, many wanted the game to be ported to the new Source 2 engine. And with the rumors about the new iteration, the fans might get what they want.

Counter Strike 2 Release Date – When will CSGO Source 2 Come Out?

CSGO 2 Executable files
Image Source: gabefollower on Twitter

According to Valve, Counter Strike 2 will be released in the Summer of March 2023. The talks about Counter Strike 2 started when a CS-based Twitter account “gabefollower” noticed CSGO 2 executable files in the NVIDIA Driver Update. Post that, Richard Lewis released a report stating that the new game is just around the corner and will be out soon. Moreover, he also talked about the changes in the new game.

What can Players Expect in CSGO 2?

According to Richard Lewis, the new iteration will have 128 tick servers, a feature rival shooter “Valorant”. Moreover, Counter Strike 2 will have a better matchmaking system. This will allow players to bypass third-party platforms like FACEIT and ESEA. These platforms provide players with 128 tick servers, better matchmaking, and a better anti-cheat system.

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According to Richard Lewis’ sources, the issues with CSGO have been largely unattended for some time. They stated, “The big priority is getting this out and then polishing it, fixing any bugs, and bringing it up to the level people expect from CS.” This is good news for all the loyal followers of this franchise.

According to the official Counter Strike website, CS2 will include the following changes:

  • Responsive Smokes
  • Overhauled Maps
  • Hi-Definition VFX
  • Accurate Audio
  • Updated Tickrate system

Will I Have My Skins in CSGO 2?

The skins economy is a major part of CSGO, so many players are wondering if they’ll lose their skins in the new game. According to Gabe Follower, the game will not be ‘Counter Strike 2’ or rebranded at all. Rather, it’ll be just CSGO running on the new Source 2 engine. However, this is not confirmed by Valve.

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