Counter Strike 2 Michael Jackson Peek Bug Transforms Players into “Smooth Criminal”

Counter Strike players are always looking for new strategies to understand how to get the better of their opponents, both in competitive and non-competitive matches, but today we are here to talk about a move that we could almost define as “Smooth Criminal”. Check out all the information related to the new Counter Strike 2 Michael Jackson Peek bug in detail below.

Counter Strike 2 Michael Jackson Peek Bug Explained

Counter Strike 2 New Michael Jackson Peek Bug

Several players of Counter Strike 2, the updated version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released a few days ago, have indeed discovered the existence of an interesting bug now nicknamed as “Michael Jackson Peek”. Essentially, this glitch shows the player’s avatar as if he were doing the anti-gravity dance move Michael Jackson performed in the “Smooth Criminal” music video.

The bug in question manifests itself when a player leans out to check for an enemy around the corner. An extremely common gaming situation in a title like Counter Strike 2, but which for days has turned into a very fun scenario for the community.

As an example, you can check out the various hilarious Counter Strike 2 Michael Jackson Peek bug gameplay videos below:

So, you might be wondering how exactly does the Counter Strike 2 Michael Jackson Peek bug work? To reproduce this bug it is necessary to set keyboard combinations so that when you press the directional keys you move in that direction and at the same time activate the controller combinations to move in the opposite direction. Some players have even decided to create a configuration that allows anyone to reproduce the Michael Jackson bug, to be inserted into the game’s “autoexec.cfg” file.

Clearly this “Michael Jackson Peek” is unwanted, and it’s likely that Valve will remove it from the game soon. For the moment, however, nothing stops you from becoming the King of Pop in Counter Strike 2.