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Counter Fight SE: PSVR Cooking Game Where You Can Throw Foods On Hungry Customers

Cook delicious foods or throw it on the face, anything that makes you happy


Do you like cooking or you are mad enough to throw foods? Well, you can do both in the new PSVR game Counter Fight SE, a fun loving game where you run a small hotel with many unsatisfied hungry customers. And if you feed them well they will be happy to give a sweet expression.

Counter Fight SE sounds like a simple game, feeding people and pleasing them, well there is also a dark side. You can throw hot food on their face making them angry enough to throw things back on your face. It looks pretty hilarious in the launch trailer and in this game you can enjoy the thrill of running your own rice bowl dish shop. The Samurai Edition brings a face paced VR cooking game with hundreds of recipes to cook.

  1. Various dishes: Serve rice bowl dish, grilled fish and sake!
  2. Realistic cooking action: Fry and cut a cutlet, cook chicken with egg, grill a meat or fish, and pour sake!
  3. Cat: That guy who likes raw fish! He activates “bullet time”. Is he a god?
  4. Robbers: Drive them away by throwing at them anything you have at hand!
  5. Goldon: Goldon is the golden bowl! You can find it if you cook faster. Counter Fight SE is a fast-paced VR game where you cook and serve a variety of dishes to eccentric hungry customers.

Watch the full trailer above and there is a lovely cat also.

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