Call Of The Wild The Angler Best Rod

Before getting started with fishing in Call of the Wild you are going to require a fishing rod.

There are a variety of rods in Call of the Wild The Angler. But in this guide, we are going to focus on the best rod among them. There are more than ten types of it and we are going to focus on the best five. What makes it best is determined by its strength, power, and action speed of it. You can customize your rods along with carrying five of them in your backpack. Before choosing one you have to choose an equipment slot along with a rig. So here are the analyses for you to decide.

Best Rods in Call of the Wild The Angler

call of the wild best rods

1. D30 Remus – Baitcasting Rod

The D30 Remus is a type of Baitcasting Rod, which is why it is first on our list in Call Of The Wild The Angler Best Rods. Baitcasting Rods are the kind that are usually faster than other rods. You may prefer this over others as its action is extra fast and when you progress in the game, you may be able to use it better. Here are the other stats for why it is the best –

  • Strength – 10 KG
  • Action – Extra Fast
  • Power – Medium
  • Length – 0.9 M

2. Consul

baitcasting the angler best rods

Consul is another Baitcasting Rod, that is slightly less powerful than the D30 Remus. It is great for all kinds of fishing.

  • Strength – 30 KG
  • Action – Fast
  • Power – Extra Heavy
  • Length – 1.2 M

3. Cormorant

Cormorant is just as effective as the others and is one of the best out there. It is the choice of many players in the game for fishing.

  • Strength – 40 KG
  • Action – Extra Fast
  • Power – Heavy
  • Length – 1.8 M

4. Maiden

Maiden being one of the Spinning Rods is one of the great choices for beginners. It is not too slow, yet not very fast either. However, you cannot use this to catch bigger fish.

  • Strength – 6 KG
  • Action – Moderate
  • Power – Ultra Light
  • Length – 2.4 M

5. Brass Monkey

brass monkey fishing rod call of the wild

Brass Monkey is also an excellent beginner choice if you are looking for a slightly challenging fishing experience, but also staying at the beginner’s level.

  • Strength – 10 KG
  • Action – Moderate Fast
  • Power – Medium
  • Length – 1.5 M

So which one are you planning to choose for fishing? With this we come to the end of our article, If you found this article helpful, you can also check out, the best fishing locations in Call of the Wind The Angler.