Call Of The Wild The Angler Best Lures & Baits

Check out this guide to find out about the best Lures and Baits in Call of the Wild The Angler.

In this guide, we will brief you about the best lures and baits you will find in Call of the Wild The Angler. Both lures and baits are equally important for fishing. After you have decided on a suitable fishing rod, you can then proceed to choose from them too. This is why we are here to help you with the best ones available in the game. There are around eight different lures, while baits are divided into two different categories, Natural Bait and Live Bait.

Call of the Wild The Angler Best Lures and Baits

lures and baits call of the wild the angler

Best Lures

Lures are artificial baits that are made out of plastic or rubber in a fish-like shape. They are usually bright in color and offer some kind of movement to attract fish. They also have a hook attached to them in a certain way that will help fish get trapped in it easily.

  • Spinnerbait – The Spinnerbait lure is a bait that is used to catch fish like perk, pike, and bass. It is available in the size 8. It is made to mimic smaller fishes that are prey to larger fishes or predators.
  • Frog – The Frog lure is the best to constantly keep attracting fish through movement. They float over water and their twirling limbs attract all kinds of fishes.

Best Baits

Real worms and small fish are used as bait for fishermen to use. The smell of them can attract fish easily as real food for them. Most of the fishermen prefer to go with real bait the majority of the time.

  • Bread – It is one of the natural baits along with being the most common of it all. Because it works like a charm every time. It can last up to 10 minutes and works for the majority of the fish like Mountain Whitefish, Rainbow Trout, Channel Catfish, and more.
  • Redworm – The Redworm is a live bait and again is the best choice in live bait, it can last up to 6 minutes on the hook and attracts fishes like Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Sauger Lake Trout, and more.

Besides the best ones mentioned here, players can also opt for baits and lures like Leeches, Minnow, Dough, and Spinner.

That’s a wrap for the best lures and baits in the game. If we helped you find the best ones among them you can further check out this article on the fishing locations in Call of the Wild The Angler.