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Tips to find Corsair Down & Badge in Destiny 2 Forsaken?

While patrolling in Dreaming City you can find random drops in Destiny 2 Forsake, like Corsair Down & Badge. In this guide you will learn how to find the same.

Destiny 2 Forsaken has some new items drops in the game. Among them Corsair Down & Badge are new items you can find anytime while patrolling in Dreaming City. So this is a kind of common thing to find in Destiny 2. But what do with Corsair Down & Badge? This is a common question a lot of people are facing in the game. I am going to share some tips on how to find Corsair Down & Badge in Destiny 2 Forsaken  and how to use them?

How to find Corsair Down & Badge?


While patrolling around in the Dreaming City in Destiny 2 Forsaken you will find the new item, the Corsair Down & Badge. But fist you will need Corsair Down by  killing an enemy. Open the inventory and check the description. This will update about a field communication device. It is repeatedly sending a SOS message.

Next thing to do is track down the person and interact with the corpse. A boss will spawn, fight him and you will get Corsair Badge. In this way you can find many Corsair Badges in Destiny 2. This is an way to find Corsair Badge in the game, here are some common locations to find the item.

  1. Gardens of Esila:  Gardens of Eslia is located to the south of the Strand. Look for a circular plaza with the obelisk. You will find some Corsair Down in this region.
  2. Bay: Go to Bay of the Drowned Wishes, it is a lost sector in Divalian Mist’s. The entrance is on the backside of the landing zone, look for a huge rock. Scan the region for the body.
  3. Spine & Mist: This is an clue for Spine of Keres look for the observatory with Oracle. It is in the north-west side. The area is having spires and islands, you will have to find bodies in this area. Look for a twisted tree on the top of last spire. Another body is on the shore between the second and third one.
  4. Harbinger: On the North of Rheasilvia you will find Harbinger’s Seclude. One of the body is on the entrance,. Find the place of the north of Rheasilvia, walk towards the massive statue right in front of the big blue orb. Go right and find a hall with red stuff. Search the body near the potted trees.
  5. Chamber: Find Chamber of Starlight, it is located in the southern part of Rheasilvia. Go to the main hall near columns.
  6. Aphelion: You will have to locate Aphelion’s Rest in Dreaming City. Go to Petra Vinj in the strand and jump off the cliff. Turn around to see the cave entrance. Corpse is inside.


These are the six best places to find Corsair Badge in Destiny 2 Forsaken. Now the task is to find how to use the badges in the game.  Corsair Badge’s are a kind of identifier a tag that shares owners details. Whenever you interact with a dead soldier you will have to fight a boss and then grab the badge. Carry it to Queen’s Guard camp. It is located near the giant gate in Divalian Mists, look for white banners.

Talk to any NPC in this cave and tell them about the dead comrade. You will unlock rewards in return, this is how you can use Corsair Badges in Destiny 2 Forsaken. The more you have the more rewards you can unlock.