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Corsair 175R RGB Mid Tower Gaming Case Review

Good Looking Sturdy Gaming Cpu Case

Looking for a Gaming Cabinet with RGB effect and one that cannot destroy your mid-range build budget is tough. Here I am considering two primary aspects, first, a mid-range tower which may or may not have enough space to set up three cards, but ideal for Single GPU Gaming setup including space for single fan liquid cooler. With it, a little stylish and sturdy also matters. While looking around various cases I am quite flattered with Corsair 175R for three simple reasons. First, it is affordable, second, it is branded and third, it is not very large nor very small. The size is just perfect, it brings a dedicated section for PSU and Storage, RGB Corsair Logo is front is cool.

I won’t advise you to go for Corsair 175R if in future you will be adding three GPU’s and bigger liquid cooler setup because with full standard ATX board things are tight. However, Corsair 175R is an outstanding cabinet not just for gaming, but for regular PC also. If you are thinking to build a PC for learning, Video Editing, then Corsair 175R will make your desk look cool. It is a minimal design case with smart adjustments, I really do not expect more from Corsair 175R at this price range.


Corsair 175R has a front removable panel with a Corsair logo that has an RGB fan on the backside. There is a transparent Tempered Glass panel on the left that feels like plastic when you hold it, very light and clean. I am pretty sure it is not easily breakable if it falls, compared to other cases that give you a complete glass transparent panel where a little caution is required. Corsair 175R is a straightforward cabinet, remove four screws from the sides and the panel is out. No sliding, at the backside there are removable panels for setting up a graphic card, no need to break it that leaves a permanent open area in other cases.

At the bottom Corsair 175R has a slot for PSU and storage section for regular 2.5” or 3.5inch hard disk. This slot is divided by a fixed frame that separates the motherboard and GPU completely from the power supply. It looks Corsair added it to make it look cleaner and it does give a different feel. At the bottom, one section is taken up by PSU while toward the front the hard drive panel is removable with sliding sockets. You can fit two 2.5” or 3.5” hard drives on it. But I got a single sliding socket, hopefully, in the package, there would be two.

Corsair 175R has a separate panel for SSD’s a flat section on the backside, hang the SSD with four simple screws and place it vertically – neat and clean.

There are two dust filters on the top and bottom. Two USB 3.0 ports are added on top with Power and Reset button. They are comfortable to access even if you keep Corsair 175R on a desk. Cable management is simple but after adding my full-size gaming motherboard + GPU (Gigabyte Aorus X470 + RTX 2070 FE), not enough space is left. You can watch my assembling video where I am installing Ryzen 3600, a liquid cooler, a big size GPU, two hard drives (1SSD + 1HDD), etc. Everything fit properly, it gets congested, it’s a mid-tower case and you cannot remove the lower compartment that divides it into two parts.

Test Machine:

  • Amd Rzyen 3600
  • Corsair H45 Liquid Cooler
  • Corsair TM30 Thermal Paste
  • Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Motherboard
  • Nvidia RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6
  • Corsair Vengeance 32GB RAM
  • Kingston 256GB SSD
  • WD 1TB Secondary Hard Drive
  • Cooler Master 750w PSU
  • Corsair 175R Cabinet

Was it easy to Assemble?

Yes, it was I planned my assembly first setting up the board then adding the cooler and place the fan on the back panel. Pulled only required PSU power cables for GPU, Motherboard, Processor, etc. This saved a lot of time, the above assembly video will give you a glimpse inside my setup. The best thing about Corsair 175R is that it is less time-consuming. But in the future, if you have requirement for more graphic cards, 3 to 4 hard drives then go for Full Tower cases. Corsair has an amazing line of products under it. Corsair 175R is best to build a mid-size private gaming pc, easy to move because of its compact size and the RGB fan in the front adds little style over the serious black look.

Nvidia RTX 2070 FE a big GPU is what made Corsair 175R look smaller. But still, I love the setup and arrangements inside it because the case is organized. For storage you have compartments, for PSU there are dedicated sections, fans can be placed on top and back. For GPUs, no need to break the back panel they are easily removable through screws and dust filters and most important Corsair 175R has a decent amount of openings on the bottom and top for good airflow.


Corsair 175R cost Rs.3800 approx in India, while on Amazon.com it is sold at $68.99. At this price range, there are few cheaper models that promise more RGB and bigger size, the reason I picked Corsair is its product quality. Corsair 175R is a sturdy steel case. Because of its design and pre-assigned section you don’t have to think hard to assemble everything. And of course, the front RGB LED looks really amazing when you have an RGB Fusion control feature on gaming motherboards like Gigabyte Auros X470. Do not forget to watch the video.