How To Get Milk In Cookie Clicker?

Do you want to learn how you can get milk in Cookie Clicker? Read this guide to see how you can do so!

Players of Cookie Clicker will be very familiar with the importance of milk in the game. It is a very essential resource that is used to unlock the Kitten upgrades which immensely help in increasing the cookie output rate.

How to Get Milk in Cookie Clicker?

cookie clicker milk

To get Milk in Cookie Clicker, you can complete achievements in the game. In doing so, you will be able to acquire milk at the rate of 4% per achievement. Also, whenever you unlock the achievements in order to get milk, you need to remember that you will only be able to do so by unlocking non-Shadow achievements. If you unlock any Shadow achievements, you will not be able to get any milk.

Based on version 2.031 of Cookie Clicker, there are a total of 518 achievements that you can unlock in order to acquire milk. The maximum amount of milk you can acquire is 2072%.

Milk in Cookie Clicker is signified with an overlay that resembles a wave at the base of the huge Big Cookie partition. The mentioned overlay will slowly begin to increase in height. This raise depends on the Milk percentage. As the milk percentage increases, so will the height of the milk overlay. Likewise, the name and color of the milk too will change with each 100% increase in the milk percentage. This will, however, not influence your cookie production. With each non-Shadow achievement that you unlock, you will see a change in the flavor of the milk.

Once you do get milk, you can use it to acquire kitten upgrades. Each upgrade is quite different when compared with each other side-by-side. Depending on the type of kitten upgrade, you will need a certain percentage of milk.

This brings us to the end of our guide on how you can get milk in Cookie Clicker. As you may have read, milk is a pretty important item in the game. If you keep unlocking the non-Shadow achievements, you will soon have enough milk to acquire all of the Kitten upgrades!

Now that you know how to get milk in Cookie Clicker, check out our video game guides!

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