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Valorant To Halo Infinite Sens Converter – How To Convert Sensitivity

Learn how to convert the aim sens from Valorant to Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite is out, and many players are eager to play the game. Being FPS games, many factors can make or break your game. One such factor is your aim sensitivity (sens). If you are a Valorant player and wanted to have a go at Halo Infinite but don’t know what sens to use, then you have come to the right place. In today’s guide, I will explain the Valorant to Halo Infinite sens conversion.

How to Convert Sens from Valorant to Halo Infinite


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If we have to compare the pace of both games, Halo Infinite & Valorant, we can say that Halo Infinite has a faster pace. Now that isn’t a bad thing but it does tell us that you will need to be quick with your aim. This lets us know that we will need a higher sensitivity in Halo Infinite than in Valorant. So if you want to have a crack at Halo Infinite you will have to increase your sens. By how much do you ask? Well, that’s as easy as multiplying some numbers around. The conversion rate for the sens from Valorant to Halo Infinite is:

Halo Infinite Sens = Valorant Sensitivity * 3.394


So whatever your sens is in Valorant, multiply it by the number mentioned above and you should be able to have the same feel in Halo Infinite. Certainly, this will give you the least amount of deviation from your muscle memory. In other words, you will have to just crunch in the numbers and plug it into your Aim sens setting in Halo Infinite and enjoy your game.

Sens Converter from other FPS games

This section is for those who don’t play Valorant and want to play Halo Infinite. If you come from other FPS games then the sens conversion rate will be different. Follow the below list to find your sens out for Halo Infinite.


  • Halo Infinite Sens = Apex Legends Sensitivity * 1.067
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Back 4 Blood Sensitivity * 0.113
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Battlefield 2042 Sensitivity * 0.640
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Call Of Duty Sensitivity * 0.320
  • Halo Infinite Sens = CS:GO Sensitivity * 1.067
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Escape from Tarkov Sensitivity * 6.061
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Fortnite Sensitivity * 0.269
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Overwatch Sensitivity * 0.320
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Paladins Sensitivity * 0.444
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Rainbow Six Siege Sensitivity * 0.278
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Rust Sensitivity * 5.455
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Splitgate Sensitivity * 0.455
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Sensitivity * 1.067
  • Halo Infinite Sens = Valhiem Sensitivity * 2.424

These are the conversions from other FPS games to Halo Infinite aim sensitivity. Use these multipliers to adjust your sens in Halo Infinite. You can tweak the sens settings to your liking if these multipliers don’t work for you. This was all about converting sens from Valorant as well as other games to Halo Infinite. Hopefully, this guide helped you in getting your aim sens. You can also check our guides on Battle Pass leveling & fast XP gain and Customize Weapons, Vehicles, & More in Halo Infinite