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How To Convert CSGO Sens To Valorant 2023 (Sensitivity Converter)

Learn how to Convert your CSGO Sens to Valorant's from this guide.

Wondering how to convert your CSGO sensitivity to Valorant? This guide will help you out.

Valorant is a tactical First Person Hero Shooter game created by Riot Games. Pick up one of the Agents and slay your Opponents for that Radiant status. To do that, you will have to set up your account. Your Settings, Crosshair, Setup, etc, are all on default which is not the best. If you’ve already been playing CSGO and want to know how you can convert the aim sens to Valorant, keep reading.

How to Convert CSGO Sens to Valorant 

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You must have heard that if you want to convert your CSGO Sens to Valorant, then just divide it by 3.1818… This works if you want to relearn the Muscle Memory for Valorant. The 3.1818 number is not the best conversion if you want to retain your CSGO Muscle Memory. Why? Well, if you do divide your CSGO Sens by 3.1818, you will have a 5.78% error. This will make you work for your aim instead of letting you aim. This disparity occurs because both games have different FOVs. Valorant in general has a wider FOV and this messes up the 1:1 ratio for aim conversion aside from other factors.

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Then how do you convert it? There is a long Mathematical process of getting the perfect Sens conversion. To save you time, all you have to do is divide your CSGO Sens by 3.370. This will more accurately convert your Sens for Valorant. Alternatively, if you multiply your Valorant Sens with 3.370, you will get your CSGO Sens. Even this conversion is not perfect as there is still an error margin of 1%. This is significantly better than the 3.18 conversion. Now just divide your Sens by 3.370 & you will be ready to battle in Valorant.

This was all about how to Convert your CSGO Sens to Valorant. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Hide Your Account Level in Valorant.