FIFA 22 Controller Settings Not Saving: Is There A Fix?

Here are a few workarounds and solutions suggested by players to fix the FIFA 22 Controller Settings not saving issue.

Changing the controller settings to something that you prefer is one of the first things you will most likely do when you start playing. But, unfortunately, as per multiple reports, FIFA 22 controller settings are not saving. If you are looking for a fix for the same, here’s everything you need to know.

FIFA 22 Controller Settings Not Saving Fix Available?

Multiple players have mentioned this issue on the official EA forums. If your controller settings keep resetting/reverting to default settings when you want to play a game, it can be very frustrating. A player wrote that they want to use legacy defending but the game keeps switch them back to tactical. Even players using the keyboard on PC are encountering similar issues.

This problem where FIFA 22 controller settings are not saving has occurred before in FIFA 21 as well. EA’s community manager had responded to this problem previously and here’s what he had suggested:

  • Head into the Customize Menu and select Profile – Delete and then delete anything that’s NOT a career mode save file. Then, check if the problem still comes up.

Now, players are reporting that the issue doesn’t go away when you do this. They have also tried to reinstall FIFA 22, update their console, reset the controller, rebuilt Database, used a different controller but nothing seems to work.

how to fix FIFA 22 Controller Settings Not Saving

Solutions Suggested by Players

Some players, though, have suggested some solutions on forums which may work for FIFA 22.

Here’s what a PlayStation (PS5) user factsforwhatever has mentioned:

When you launch kick off and you have to choose home or away, select the option to Customize Controls that you will see on the screen. This is where you need to update the settings – doing this may fix the FIFA 22 controller settings not saving bug.

This is what an XBOX series X user MAZYON_AD has posted:

Login each controller with different accounts (Don’t login as a guest)
When you choose home/away sides – make sure to connect each controller to EA server.
Create a name, customize your controller and that’s it.

KenRyan0607 says:

I found the answer now. The problem mostly happened if you have more than one controller. You must set up each controller with the same settings or at least set your controller settings with controller 1 as the default controller. You can go to kick off and set each controller with the same settings. If this still doesn’t work, go to the customize control, and use controller 1 to set up the settings, it should be working.

Alezus says:

Also If you want to play tournament mode, first You need to link the controllers with the gamertag into kick off and then go to tournament mode, note: after a will You need to restart the console, because the controllers will be mess up.

These are all the workarounds/solutions that you can try out to fix the FIFA 22 controller settings not saving problem. Hopefully, it works and you can continue playing without any hassle.

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