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V Rising: Is There A Controller And Console Support? (Answered)

Fellow Vampires! Check out whether V Rising has controller and console support or not.

V Rising is a survival multiplayer videogame that revolves around a vampire waking from a long and deep slumber. As you wake up, you need to gather resources to regain strength and reclaim your spot among the elites. The game has been praised by not only the community but also the critics for its crafting mechanics. While it is a steam exclusive on PC, some of the players expressed playing it with a controller. In addition to that, a majority of players are confused about whether it supports any of the consoles. Check out our guide on whether V Rising has Controller and Console support or not.

Does V Rising have a Controller Support (PC)?


The answer to that question is No! V Rising does not support any kind of controller while playing on the PC. As mentioned earlier, it is a Steam exclusive and is available for all PC players. While players can use a keyboard and mouse to explore the world of Vardoran, using a controller still has a long way to go. That’s because the developers have no plans for it. When one of the Twitter users asked if there are any plans for controller support, the official V Rising account replied players shouldn’t expect it.

is there a controller and console support v rising

As the tweet states, they are neither working on the controller support nor have any plans for it. He also added that while controller support is not impossible, players shouldn’t expect it.


Although it is a good day for keyboard warriors, controller players might have to wait for a Vampire century. Kidding! In my opinion, the devs have no intention for Controller support as they want to stick to the cherished WASD. And that can be absolute fun.

Is there a Console Support For V Rising?

Since V Rising is available only for PC players, there is no console support currently. Will there be any support soon? There’s no word or announcements from the Stunlock Studios for the support. While some players think that the devs could pull a surprise console release, we suggest not expecting it anytime soon.


We will update this article as soon as we get a word from Stunlock Studios. Until then, we are off to a deep slumber again.

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